Who is Operation Bald Eagle?

Operation Bald Eagle is a 501(c)(3) charity, under Section 170 of the I.R. S. Code. All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.  Tax ID #27-0975750

Operation Bald Eagle was established in 2009 with one simple premise. If you’re not taking care of the family, you’re not taking care of the veteran. All of our programs are entirely free to veteran families in good standing. (i.e. Active Duty or discharged in good standing.)

Our Mission
Operation Bald Eagle is about serving Military members and their immediate families. These patriots serve us sacrificially 24/7/365 along with their families. We are here to serve them in their time of need

Organization Overview
Our programs are tiered for different levels of need and purpose. Serving both the needs of the family and veteran. Or individual veteran member for the purpose of morale or general service need. Programs such as Project Picking Up the Pieces; assisting families with the loss of a child or parent up to 5 years,  Project At-Ease; paying rent/mortgage for a year and general assistance. Thanksgiving for Heroes – free Thanksgiving Dinners, Toys for Troops: toys and clothing for military families. Picnic for Patriots and many more.

Executive Board

Jeff Mitchell – President

[email protected]

Christopher Jeffords – Vice President/Treasurer

[email protected]