Elite Corps

Interested in Serving Heroes?

Then Elite Corps – Black Knights might just be for you. 

Elite Corps – Black Knights is a rigorous program developed to give back to those who want to serve our military families through Operation Bald Eagle.

Want to serve heroes and be pushed to the envelope? Become an Elite Corps – Black Knight today!

  1. The 12-weekend training program that will push you to the envelope of what you never thought you could do. Physically, mentally and emotionally pushing you to the limits to make you Elite Corps – Black Knights.
  2. Volunteering 200 hours with Operation Bald Eagle to serving our programs in various projects, events needed to further our efforts helping active/veteran military families in Utah and Nevada.


  • A sense of accomplishment in a program that is above and beyond the rest. This isn’t your average service opportunity.  
  • Personal enrichment of serving our military families.
  • Ability to use on Resume for  Community Services hours and involvement.
  • Professional uniforms only for Elite Corps-Black Knights.

Along with many other benefits. Contact us today about how you could be a part of this great program “Serving Heroes”.

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