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How difficult was it starting Operation Bald Eagle

I was asked today that exact question…I said: “It was the most difficult thing I have ever pursued in my life. But also the most rewarding experience of my life.” I thought many times of throwing in the towel. I would inquire about other organizations that did much bigger things than I had what their experiences were in such endeavors. I found it was the very same thing. A former Special Forces Soldier and Mr. Universe told me last year: “I have one piece of advice for you Jeff: Don’t Give Up! When you are called to something. It may not be easy and you are called to this. Don’t give up and it will come together in time.” Sure enough we are finally seeing the benefits of our labor. Things I had dreamed about making happen are now coming to reality. Never, ever give up on a passion you are sure you are to pursue. Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy New Year! Look to us for a 2016 like no other year we have seen in years past. Also, a very special Thanks to an incredible support mechanism to me in the last year…Tyler “Bones” McQueen or Ty as I call him. His unwavering support to ensure the success of this organization would be nothing if not for him. That’s why I brought him on board full time this December. DSC_6642 It’s only fitting to put Ty’s photo with our family that we now will help to support in the coming year. (“Ty” McQueen in the black Elite Corps – Black Knights uniform on the left, Ocasio family on the right.) Please thank him if you see him. There’s no harder worker stronger advocate for our active/veteran families than this young man. Great to have you on board son. 

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