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Intern for Heroes

Are you seeking out an opportunity to intern? Are you interested in something that might just change your life and the lives you impact at the same time? We are seeking out highly motivated, positive attitudes who enjoy working with heroes. Operation Bald Eagle has opportunities to intern at our office and out in the field at events. If you are 18-25 years old and wish to add working with a local military charity in Salt Lake City, Utah and throughout the state. Travel opportunities as well. Contact our office for more details: (385) 282-5221  Here is Tyler “Bones” McQueen our Chief Intern helping out at different events. DSC_6258DSC_6642


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  1. Angel says:

    I just met Tyler outside of south Jordan Walmart the other day. I told him about my Grandpa who passed away recently, a WW2 vet. I looked over your pamphlet, and realized you also have helped my friends in law enforcement. My husband is a Police Officer. I cannot express how grateful the law enforcement community is for organizations like yours. Thank You!

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