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Do you know a Heroes story? Tell us in 500 words or less…

DSC_7139Last December 24th we surprised Air Force & disabled veteran with a new kitchen make-over and 2016 mortgage payments. We want to honor another hero this Christmas Eve. But we Need YOU to tell us their story. Submit their story in 500 words or less via regular mail to our office: 222 S Main St., Suite 500, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 or via this web-site. Deadline is: 1 November 2016 for us to have enough time to review them and determine a family. We want to give them a holiday this year like no other. But we can’t do it if you don’t tell us their story. So enter your stories now for “Project At Ease”. We are excited to announce a new family this year on local news media. Tell us why your special military hero family should be chosen. The family must be the immediate family member of a Armed Forces veteran in good standing in order to qualify. Must be able to provide documentation to support they are currently active and in good standing or Honorably Discharged from the Armed Forces to qualify for Project At Ease. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get those stories into Operation Bald Eagle. It is little over a month before the deadline….

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