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Operation Bald Eagle seeks (2 Full Time staff/1 P/T staff)

Do you have what it takes to “Serve Heroes”? Would you like to do something on that makes a difference? Do you want to make a change in your career while serving others at the same time? We are seeking 3 highly motivated individuals who want to make a career of helping us expand Operation Bald Eagle in 2017 beyond the pale of what we have done in the past. If you are interested in a position that will not only change the lives of others but your own. Then you might be just who we are seeking. Must be available to working weekends. Going through a rigorous 6 week training period. Availability to travel. Working with the public in high profile positions in all kinds of weather throughout the year. We will be taking interviews Monday -> Thursday weekly until the positions are filled. 

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  1. Steven Harris says:

    I was glad to meet you today, Jeff. It is rare to meet a man of integrity with a good heart for the poor! Often I meet people who want to do good and then money pours in and their attitudes change.
    I managed a cat rescue org in Riverdale, Utah for five yes with my ex wife! We partnered with Petco and a coalition of eighty animal rescues in Ogden.
    I know how hard it is to operate this operation and the financial hardship it can be on your family. It is worth the cost when you see what a few good dedicated people can do when they hearts and faith are in the process.
    I would like to know more about you and the org. I want a job in which I can help others to get a step up in life, Not just sell products for profit! This operation may be what I’ve been looking for! I am divorced,AF ret MSgt. I believe in Integrity first, Excellence in all we do and Service before self.

    • jeff says:

      Hello sir. Thanks for your kind words. We are currently looking to be hiring more sometime closer to the summer at this point to add to our team. Possibly earlier depending on budget. But would like to discuss with you further when you have a moment. Give me a call at your convenience. Jeff 206-949-6379

  2. Stacy Medina says:

    This post appears to be quite old, but I was wondering if you still have any positions available.

    • jeff says:

      We do actively seek all year around. We are currently seeking 1-2 p/t and one full time career minded people.

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