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Spc. Joseph White (1988-2009)

Specialist Joseph V. White Joseph was the second born child of Doug and Robyn White and brother to Jesse, Alise, Brisa, Josh, Hannah, Sierra, Jewel, Liberty and Sophia. He was a cute and charming baby who his parents were very blessed to enjoy. In his younger years Joe was sometimes an instigator of trouble with his siblings, but as he matured he developed a deep love and appreciation for his family and friends. He was a loyal and faithful son, brother, and friend. And while sometimes rough on the outside, he had a very tender heart that desired to help and protect people.

Joe was home schooled with his siblings until he went to Bellevue Community College. After taking classes there, Joe enlisted in the United States Army. He was deployed to Iraqwith the 82nd Airborne and laterto Afghanistan with the Stryker Brigade from Ft. Lewis. It was here that he was killed by an IED while out on a mission.

During his service years Joe renewed a friendship with Jessica Pierce and her family who he met years ago through church and mutual friends. They grew closer and closer through letters and phone contact even as they were separated by many miles. We all enjoyed watching their love grow and culminate in a beautiful wedding May 30th, 2009. They had a brief month and a half together before he had to leave for Afghanistan. During this time they both spent many hours with family and friends playing Frisbee, Xbox, soccer, volleyball, swimming, and just hanging out.

Even as a small child, Joe was a serious thinker. When he gave his heart to Jesus Christ, it wasn’t a casual thing. Joe was admittedly not perfect, just as none of us are, but through all the trials of his life his faith continued to grow stronger. He knew he was in God’s hands no matter what happened. Now he is home with his Savior, whole and rejoicing. We who are left will always miss Joseph so very much. He was a hero to us all.

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